Memorable Memorials

A Public Photographic Exhibition in the Restored Anglican Chapel

Nunhead Cemetery, Linden Grove, SE15 3LP

Weekend opening times in September 2015:
11am - 5pm, 5th & 6th
11am - 5pm, 12th & 13th
11am - 6pm, 19th & 20th

Memorable Memorials is a photographic exhibition in the Restored Anglican Chapel in Nunhead Cemetery of photographs taken by Jeff Hart in 3 of the greatest cemeteries in South America: La Recoleta Cemetery of Buenos Aires in Argentina; Cemitério São João Batista of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil; and Cristóbal Colón Cemetery of Havana in Cuba.

La Recoleta Cemetery one of the beautiful cemeteries in the world is located in the Recoleta neighbourhood of Buenos Aires, Argentina. It contains the graves of notable people, including Eva Perón, presidents of Argentina, and Nobel Prize winners. The site contains 4691 vaults, all above ground, of which 94 have been declared National Historical Monuments by the Argentine government and are protected by the state. The cemetery contains many elaborate marble mausoleums, decorated with statues, in a wide variety of architectural styles such as Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Baroque, and Neo-Gothic.

Cemitério São João Batista one of the biggest private cemeteries in Rio de Janeiro in the neighborhood of Botafogo is operated with a permit from the municipality, as is the case for all private cemeteries in Brazil. The cemetery is owned and operated by Holy House of Mercy of Rio de Janeiro, a charitable organization with a Catholic identity founded by the Portuguese in Rio during the colonial era. This beautiful cemetery with its amazing statues and sculptures has many famous people buried there including Carmen Miranda.

Cristóbal Colón Cemetery of Havana one of the three largest cemeteries in the world is among Cuba's most visited sites in the four decades since Fidel Castro came to power. Built in 1871 under the direction of Spanish architect Calixto de Loira, the graveyard features a main gate that displays an image of Our Lady of Mercy, and Romanesque streets and avenues that crisscross the grounds. Despite the cemetery being a major tourist attraction, the burial ground manages to continue operating with more than 50 burials a day with plenty of memorable memorials.

The photographs are unusually printed on tea-towels which flutter in the wind when displayed in the Restored Anglican Chapel, and are on sale at the end of the exhibition which is curated by Jolanta Jagiello.

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