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Sacred Bodies

A Public Sculpture Exhibition in the Restored Anglican Chapel

Nunhead Cemetery, Linden Grove, SE15 3LP

20th February 2017 until 23rd April 2017:

'Sacred Bodies' is part of the Public Art Programme 2017 in the Restored Anglican Chapel at Nunhead Cemetery which started with 'Doggies on Leads'  that began the programme in 2016.

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'Sacred Bodies' is an exhibition of recent metal sculptures by Sara Burgess based around her 'Bodies' series. The sculptures explore our connection between the inevitable physicality or our earthly, human existence and our volition to overcome suffering. The public art is on show in the Restored Anglican Chapel viewed through the entrance gates from Monday 20th February to Saturday 23rd April 2017.


Iron Maiden (2013/14)
Wrought Iron, Paint
65cm (h) x 50cm (w) x 35cm (d)

A stylised wrought-iron torso in a female form; this piece is about enduring discrimination against women throughout the ages.




Crucifixion (2015-16)
Wrought Iron, Steel
120cm (h) x 65cm (w) x 65cm (d)

A surreal set of skeletal remains hangs from the stand. This piece is about the sacrifices we make for the great good.




Legs (2016-17)
Found Object, Fabric, Steel, Paint
150cm (h) x 50cm (w) x 40cm (d)

A pair of legs, with one missing the bottom half of the leg, this piece resonates the loss of a supporting limb and desire to complete the human body.



Apron (2015)
Wrought Iron, Band Saw Blade, Steel
70cm (h) x 60cm (w) x 60 cm (d)

A pregnant-shaped metal body hangs from a stand; the apron is an examination of the role of the mother, and her role to nurture and protect a vulnerable living being.



Sara Burgess (b.1987, Suffolk, UK) is a pattern obsessive and metalwork artist. She studied at Falmouth College of Arts (2005-2006) before progressing to study Sculpture at Camberwell College (2007-2010). Sara is obsessed with the spiral form and uses this motif often in her work, and experiments with the combinations of form and patterns. Her current series of artwork 'Bodies' is an exploration into the human condition through metal work. www.saraburgess.co.uk


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