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Photographs of Nunhead taken by and © Navalis. Navalis was part of a group that came to Nunhead to do some gothic photography within the cemetery. These very artistic images are B&W and have been edited/'developed' with Victorian film types to give them a period flavour.

General photographs of the cemetery taken by Odd Marthinussen.

A selection of photographs taken by and © Andy Favell. According to Andy Yeatman, Senior Press Officer at the Met Office: "The recent snow in London was the first since December 2000, when a few cms fell in the suburbs, mainly the North and Northwest. None was reported in Central London. It was the heaviest fall in London since February 1991 when 20cms was recorded. We will still see some snow from time to time in London but as the trend to warmer, wetter, winters continues, snow will fall less often."

A selection of photographs taken by and © husband and wife team, Moyra & Rodger Peralta. This gallery page has one slight difference from the others, in that only nine of the photographs are of Nunhead Cemetery, the rest come from ten other cemeteries that Moyra and Rodger have photographed. So, take the Nunhead Photo Quiz and try to decide which are Nunhead photos and which aren't. There is no prize, other than the opportunity to look at some excellent black and white photography.

A selection of photographs taken by and © Mark Blackman.

A selection of photographs taken by and © Barbara Delevante.

Photographs of the 2010 Sculpture Exhibition taken by and © Carol Stevenson.

Photographs of Nunhead taken by and © Fitzroy Chevalier. Fitzroy is writing a blog titled "The Ivy Castle" about the Magnificent 7 Cemeteries, which can be viewed at Please note FONC take no responsibility for information contained on external links from this website. Please read our Cookies and Privacy page for more information.

Photographs of Nunhead taken at the FONC Open Day 2015 by and © Navalis. Navalis very kindly offered to take some pictures at our 2015 Open Day, some of which have been used on the Open Day page. The rest are displayed in the gallery below.

Photographs of model Justine Victoria and the Blubells at Nunhead © Navalis.

Last Updated on 17th February 2022