Book – Death in Tragic Circumstances and Crimes of Passion

Death in Tragic Circumstances and Crimes of Passion:
by Michèle Louise Burford & Ron Woollacott.

True stories of murder, mayhem, manslaughter and suicide. Victims and perpetrators buried in London’s Nunhead Cemetery.

A new collection of over 60 detailed stories of those buried in Nunhead cemetery who came to a sticky end or were the victims of crimes or accidents. Written by Nunhead historian and ex-FONC Chairman, Ron Woollacott, in collaboration with his daughter, Michele Louise Burford, this 250-page book contains numerous illustrations and is a must for anyone interested in the stories of some of our more unfortunate or notorious ‘Notables’.

A5 softback, 254 pages with numerous photos and illustrations.

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Last Updated on 3rd October 2023