Book – Nunhead Notables volume 3

BURIED AT NUNHEAD: Nunhead Notables volume 3
by Ron Woollacott and Michèle Louise Burford.

Eleven Victorian actors and actresses are among 100 personalities whose life stories appear in this new book, along with several officers who served in Nelson’s navy, veterans of the Peninsular War, Battle of Waterloo, and Crimean Campaign.

Others of interest include the general secretary of the Newspaper Society who played chess with a future British Prime Minister; the West India merchant who founded one of the UK’s first roller skating rinks; the railway pioneer who worked on the Stockton and Darlington rail-way and drove Stephenson’s ‘Rocket’; a French interpreter to Louis Philippe I of France; the Lord Mayor of London who became the first Governor of the Bank of England; the artist son of an Indian prince; Queen Victoria’s state coachman; a friend and supporter of the Italian patriot General Garibaldi; the war correspondent known as ‘The Doyen of the Press’; the first Chief Port and Harbour Master of Victoria, Australia; a former president of the Women’s Provident League; the founder of the ‘Tailor and Cutter’; and others who came from more humble backgrounds including, the ‘King of the Rat-catchers’; London’s ‘Queen of the Costers’; the cow keeper who became a successful antique dealer; and the chimney sweep turned preacher.

A5 softback, 130 pages with photos and illustrations.

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Last Updated on 3rd August 2019