Book – Nunhead Notables

by Ron Woollacott.

This new edition of Nunhead Notables (printed May 2002), together with More Nunhead Notables (see below), gives an insight into the lives of 400 interesting personalities that were laid to rest in Nunhead Cemetery between 1840 and 1998. At least 50 of them have entries in the Dictionary of National Biography, and many more are featured in Frederick Boase’s Modern English Biography.

This enlarged version has been updated to include a number of biographical sketches that were omitted from the original version and the sequel which followed it, due to lack of space. Each of the original entries have been rewritten and updated, amending the text where necessary and providing additional information including grave and square numbers.

A5 softback, 110 pages with photos and illustrations.

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Last Updated on 3rd August 2019