Book – The Butterflies of Nunhead Cemetery

by Richard A. Jones.

Visitors to Nunhead Cemetery find, not a closely cropped lawn with rows of neat grave-stones, but a woodland. Sun-dappled paths lead past ancient trees and banks of flowering bramble. Every so often the tracks emerge into sunny clearings and open grassy spaces. The air is alive with the shrill songs of birds and the buzzing of insects. Nunhead’s green and pleasant cemetery is now a tranquil wilderness in the heart of London.

Wildlife abounds here. Sixteen species of butterfly have been found and several others have probably been overlooked. This illustrated book contains details of the butterflies likely to be seen in this beautiful Victorian Cemetery from the Speckled Wood to the White-letter Hairstreak.

A5 softback, 32 pages with photos and illustrations.

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Last Updated on 3rd August 2019