Book – The Great Vance

THE GREAT VANCE (The Enigmatic Mr Peck Stevens):
by Ron Woollacott and Michèle Louise Burford

The Life and Career of a Great Victorian Music-hall Luminary buried at Nunhead Cemetery.

The Great Vance was one of the greatest luminaries of the Victorian Music-Hall, who delighted working class audiences throughout the land with his numerous character impersonations and comic songs, and went on to entertain aristocrats and royalty. He was one of a group of comedians known as the Lion Comiques, who parodied top-hatted ‘upper-class toffs’, ‘mashers’, or ‘swells’, sporting Piccadilly weepers (long curly sideburns), Piccadilly windows (monocles), waxed moustaches, and more often than not wearing spats and carrying a walking cane. They sang and strutted on stage singing the praises of drinking, spending and womanising.

Who was the man known as ‘The Great Vance’?

A5 softback, 98 pages with illustrations.

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Last Updated on 3rd August 2019