Woolly Winter Walk

Through December and at least until 2 January there are 24 woolly decorations spread across the cemetery. Most are quite small, some are not so easy to see but all are visible from main paths.

These are here to cheer up your day, although donations to the Friends are always gratefully received https://www.fonc.org.uk/donations/

This is the full list:

  1. Santa’s washing line
  2. Christmas stockings
  3. Star of the East
  4. Present
  5. War memorial
  6. Cracker
  7. Butterfly
  8. Bauble
  9. Holly leaves
  10. Christmas tree
  11. Post Box
  12. Paper hat
  13. Bell
  14. Fairy lights
  15. “Peace on Earth”
  16. Snow person
  17. Santa’s hat and boots
  18. Paper chain
  19. Butterflies
  20. Candelabra
  21. Poinsettia bract
  22. Angel (look up, and it is very small)
  23. St Paul’s view
  24. Candle

Last Updated on 17th December 2023