Grave-search Enquiries

There are two ways to find out information regarding graves in Nunhead Cemetery.


As part of the London Borough of Southwark Council’s commitment to developing service and accessibility, it has teamed up with the specialist family history organisation Deceased Online and the following records are available on their website,

  • Digital scans of burial and cremation registers
  • Computerised records of burials and cremations (where registers are not available)
  • Details of those buried in each grave
  • Cemetery maps indicating the area for each grave location

Free to search

The website is free to search and if you find a relevant document, this may be downloaded or printed for a fee. Simply follow the instructions on the website.

As well as records for the Borough of Southwark, Deceased Online includes millions of burial and cremation records for other London boroughs and areas throughout the UK.

If you do not have an internet connection

You can use a computer at a local library, or contact the Cemetery & Crematorium Service for advice.
LBS are happy to help with genealogical or family history searches, if you would like their team to carry out a search on your behalf this can be done and a fee is charged for each name searched.

To obtain a square number and grave number, please contact Southwark Cemeteries and Crematorium, Camberwell New Cemetery, Brenchley Gardens, London, SE23 3RD. Please note: Southwark Council’s cemeteries department charge a fee, currently £19.00, for searching the burial records. Please contact email hidden; JavaScript is required or telephone 020 7525 5600 to check the amount.

Once you have your information

Once you have a grave and square number please contact the staff at the Cemeteries Office, Camberwell New Cemetery, Brenchley Gardens, London SE23 3RD, Tel: 020 7525 5600. Staff will assess whether or not access to the grave is safe.

Safe access to all parts of the cemetery is no longer possible.

Staff will let you know whether or not the grave can be found and if the memorial is present.

Please do not attempt to enter woodland areas yourself as there are unstable monuments and unsafe trees present.

Memorial Inscriptions.

You can also send the details, Name, Square & Grave number to our Monumental Inscriptions Coordinator, Garry Wiles <email hidden; JavaScript is required> to see if we have already transcribed a memorial stone if one exists.

We may also be able to carry out a search for the grave on your behalf and provide photographs and a transcription of the inscription as it appears on the monument.

Last Updated on 25th August 2022