Book – More Nunhead Notables

by Ron Woollacott.

A second selection of personalities who lie buried at Nunhead, extraordinary people who, in their varying ways, have contributed much to the arts and sciences, religion and politics, medicine and welfare, sport and entertainment, which is of great significance well beyond the boundaries of Greater London.

From the very first entry, Charles Abbott, the 101 year old Ipswich Grocer and Charterhouse brother, to the last on the volunteer soldier who became a Canon of Lahore Cathedral, this is a fascinating gathering of personalities from all walks of life, and from all parts of the United Kingdom. On the way through the following pages we will discover a Scotsman who became an African explorer, another who fought in the American Civil War, an Irish freethinker, a French Huguenot marquis, an inventive Admiral, and a dashing dragoon who rode in the Charge of the Light Brigade and lived to tell the tale, together with daring heroes who fought at the battles of Trafalgar and Waterloo, and a gallant airman who lost his life chasing an enemy Zeppelin across the skies of London. Among the many remarkable women we encounter on the way, there is an actress, two novelists, a poet, the leader of a religious sect, and others whose only claim to fame is that they lived on this Earth for one hundred years or more.

Most of the people whose lives are featured in this brand new collection of potted biographies were well known in their time, some were even quite famous, now they lie, virtually forgotten, in overgrown and unmarked graves or beneath neglected and decaying tombstones. This little book is dedicated to their memory.

Ron Woollacott.

A5 softback, 84 pages with illustrations.

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Last Updated on 3rd August 2019