Book – Nunhead Cemetery and the battle of Waterloo

by Jeffrey M Hart

The story of the Waterloo campaign and those soldiers who took part in it and now rest in peace in Nunhead Cemetery.

Contains the detailed biographies of eight brave soldiers: three privates, a corporal, a lieutenant, two captains, and a lieutenant-colonel. All were involved in the Waterloo campaign and their graves can be found in Nunhead Cemetery.

Part One – the Path to Waterloo
Part Two – Nunhead’s Waterloo Veterans
Part Three – Near Neighbours

Intended for the general reader with an interest in Nunhead Cemetery or the battle of Waterloo or intrigued by the connections between the two. Providing an understanding of the significance of this great battle and a flavour of the lives of some of the individuals who played a part in bringing about the end of the global conflicts known as the Napoleonic Wars.

A5 softback, 178 pages with illustrations (some colour) and map.

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Last Updated on 3rd August 2019